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Orszag, director, Updated Guidance Regarding Communications With Registered Lobbyists About Recovery Act Funds, M-09-14, Washington, DC, July 24, 2009, p.
Both Shaddix, who represented Jefferson State, and Mahaffey, who represented Central Alabama, have filed with the Alabama Ethics Commission to rescind their registrations as lobbyists for the schools, according to state records.
In early 2006, the new government made further significant changes to the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists (ORL) by means of a rearrangement of the public service, making the Office a separate government department, with the Registrar of Lobbyists as the Deputy Head of that department.
May 8, 1997: Excerpt in Hansard where Minister of Justice the Honourable Jon Havelock states: "the concept of having lobbyists register was considered by this government and rejected, and that position has not changed.
This new deal implies that lobbyists must change their methods.
Environmental, health and alternative energy lobbyists have increased their numbers as well, although they are still outnumbered by industry and other interests by 8-to-1.
For corporate in-house lobbyists, "orally and arranged in advance" communications with a DPOH must be filed even if the company employee who engages in the communication is not required to be named in the company's initial registration (i.
John McCain to a female lobbyist, The Washington Post, which produced is own story on this subject yesterday, returned today with a front-page report on McCain's other lobbyist links -- to his chief advisers.
An important lesson here is the need to be careful about accepting at face value the claims publicly being made about the ineffectiveness of the new rules by Washington lobbyists, who never liked the new rules in the first place.
The constitutional protection of lobbyists (on behalf of their clients) is significant because no matter how much the population at large wants lobbyists to disappear, we are stuck with them, at least until the petition clause is removed from the Constitution.
Your employment of a contract lobbyist can help you build beneficial momentum to move your issue forward.
PRINCETON, NJ -- The issue of accepting campaign contributions from Washington lobbyists has become a significant part of the current campaign strategy of Democratic candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama.