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Campbell and Jackson noted that lobbyists under earlier laws are prohibited from working on a contingency fee, and Jackson said most clients prefer to have to have the fee split out in monthly bills.
If Congress's more liberal Democrats are serious about distancing their party from the lobbyists, they may have Jones and his friends to contend with.
However, there could be double that number because some physician lobbyists and others are unaware of the rules and remain unregistered, says league president, Paul Miller.
Most know that lobbying somehow involves the famous "K Street" in Washington, and that lobbyists visit Capitol Hill offices to communicate their client's views to politicians and impact legislation.
One of his lobbyists, Patrick Pizzella, sent an e-mail the next day reporting how Sheldon reacted.
Increasingly associations--particularly state organizations--are turning to contract lobbyists to realize the benefits just outlined.
Those who wish less power for lobbyists would be wise to side with Thomas Jefferson to support term limits.
But conversations between lobbyists and the governor's office shouldn't start once bills pass the House and Senate, the lobbyists say.
An Associated Press review of lobbyist donations reveals just how reliable that flow of money has been, with lobbyists having spent nearly $10 million in direct contributions to lawmakers and politicians over the past nine years.
Bilbo, along with a couple of fellow lobbyists, to get the needed votes.
Amgen has no fewer than 74 lobbyists in Washington, including the former chiefs of staff of both Sen.