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To raise; to take up.

To lift a promissory note (a written commitment to pay a sum of money on a certain date) is to terminate the obligation by paying its amount.

To lift the bar of the Statute of Limitations is to remove, by some sufficient act or Acknowledgment, the obstruction that it interposes. For example, some states will not permit an action to be instituted on a debt owed after ten years from the date of the debt. This is a ten-year statute of limitations. If the debtor acknowledges in writing that he or she owes the debt and will pay it on a certain date, this conduct lifts the bar of the statute of limitations so that the debtor can be sued on the debt for another ten years.

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Existing GP practices and health centres could also be refurbished and brought upto-date under the Local Improvement Finance Trust initiative.
A local improvement finance trust, Birmingham and Solihull Solutions, has been involved in getting the scheme off the ground.
Details of the first wave of 10 centres,costing a total of pounds 20m, were announced last night by a public-private partnership body, the NHS local improvement finance trust.
A Local Improvement Finance Trust, or LIFT, will be set up as a partnership between the four PCTs.
Ward Hadaway has acted on behalf of eight NHS primary care trusts, from Newcastle to London, for new Local Improvement Finance Trust schemes, working with the private sector to develop facilities in areas suffering low healthcare investment.
LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) is a national NHS initiative established through a partnership between a private sector partner and the primary care trusts in Sandwell, to deliver new capital investment into health and related services.
Mowlem's Building division recently landed pounds 18 million of contracts as part of the NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust (LIFT) initiative to design and build local health centres at Dudley in the West Midlands and Sheffield in South Yorkshire In Dudley, two health centres will be built for the Dudley South Primary Care Trust, including a learning disabilities services centre and a health and social care site in Stourbridge.
NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust ( a public private partnership ( funded the project, which was led by law firm Ward Hadaway.
Coventry Teaching Primary Care Trust (PCT) plans to build a city centre facility under the new NHS Local Improvement Finance Trust scheme, which has already delivered new buildings in Longford and Keresley.

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