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The Local Involvement Network (Link) is inviting people to have their say on health and social care issues by taking part in a new committee group.
Among the organisations represented at the Get Involved event (from 10am to noon) will be the Local Involvement Network, political parties, University of Huddersfield, magistrates, Youth Offending Team, parish councils, Kirklees Neighbourhood Housing, Metro and various services from within the council itself.
The Making It Better event was organised by the action group, Kirklees Local Involvement Network - or Kirklees LINk for short - which involves people across Kirklees in making decisions about their health and social care.
A Local Involvement Network (Link) has been set up for people and community groups across Kirklees to influence and shape the services.
13) Given England's history of a string of PPI efforts over the last 40 years including Community Health Councils, PPI Forums, and Local Involvement Networks (LINks), (12) the most pressing question may not be "Will Healthwatch succeed where others have failed?
Local Involvement Networks (LINks) will cease to operate from this date.
Gain insight into how Local HealthWatch will absorb and take on the work of Local Involvement Networks (LINks) to champion greater patient involvement and patient choice
Grants to Local Involvement Networks (LINks), which allow the public to give their views, plunged by 20.
After CHCs were abolished in England, a half-hearted replacement - local involvement networks (LINKs) - was introduced.
Local Involvement Networks (LINks) were established nationally in 2008, and have received funding to comment on, influence and change local NHS and social care services.
These in turn were replaced in 2008 by local involvement networks (LINks).
Local involvement networks (LINks) are now replacing patient and public involvement forums in all social services authority areas in England, with the aim of better involving local people in the provision, commissioning and evaluation of health and social care services.

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