Local Action

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Local Action

A lawsuit concerning a transaction that could not occur except in some particular place. Any type of lawsuit that can be brought only in one place. A classic example is a situation where recovery of possession of a particular parcel of land is sought.

LOCAL ACTION, practice, pleadings. An action is local when the venue must be laid in the county where the cause of action arose. 1 Chit. PI'. 271; 21 Vin. Ab. 79; 3 Bl. Com. 294; Bac. Ab. Actions, Local, &c.; Dane's Ab. Index, h.t.; 15 Mass. 284; 1 Brock. 203; 1 Greenl. 246. Vide Action; Venue.

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Become familiar with union organizational structure: understand and observe protocol and policy as it relates to local action, including the Central Labor Council; but seek the highest possible endorsement of the employment development plan.
A draft local action plan for gender equality for Montenegro s capital city of Podgorica was the topic of an OSCE-supported public discussion held in the city, on 11 November 2015.
The June events were supported by the Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG) and delivered by Menter Mon.
But a local action group which is fighting the scheme has claimed it would "change the special and unique characteristics of our community".
The report said the actions of Federation representatives in their dealings with Mr Mitchell highlighted "the extent to which some representatives feel they can pursue local action and campaigns regardless of the impact on the wider Federation and the views of their colleagues".
It has been launched by Carmarthenshire Local Action Group and is being delivered by the South West Wales Tourism Partnership.
YOU report (Telegraph, May 23) that a group of MPs think that only the proposed High Speed Rail project can meet the growing national demands for transport by train, and local action groups are, however, critical of the underlying assessments.
The Macular Disease Society is asking for volunteers to sign up to their Local Action Volunteer programme, aiming to ensure the views of people affected by macular disease are represented in discussions on the service delivery of areas such as low vision, health and social care and commissioning.
1 Wrexham's Jay Colbeck celebrates scoring the first of his two goals against Kettering LOCAL ACTION P10,1 ?
COMMUNITY groups, parish councils and people with project ideas for rural areas are invited to attend the North York Moors, Coast and Hills LEADER Local Action Group event on April 14 at 2pm.
All the hard work that has been done by local action groups has been cast aside and all their arguments have been ignored.
West Midland Local Action Groups - organisations representing public and private partners in rural areas - are being urged to share best practice and pool skills in order to make the most of a share of a pounds 3.

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