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Alice, who made the 300-mile round trip with her colleague to pick Dale up, said: "When we arrived to pick Dale up it was clear he had become a little bit of a local celebrity since he was caught.
audition to 'become a TV star makes her a local celebrity, she Claire Sweeney (Educating Rita, Chicago) stars as Velma Von Tussle, and is joined by Brenda Edwards (Chicago, We Will Rock You, X Factor) as Motormouth Maybelle.
Cantillon said: "We're really excited and very thankful to Willie, who has given us Local Celebrity on a no-outlay, no-return basis.
Whatever the outcome of the case the result will still be huge embarrassment and humiliation for the said civic body in what was nothing else than a vain and pathetic attempt to cosy up to a perceived popular local celebrity.
Ophelia Thomas, certified nursing assistant to her employers, local celebrity to her residents, just emerged, and the audience erupts.
The afternoon has been organised by Vince Holliday, who became a local celebrity fronting Coventry's first rock 'n' roll band - Vince Martin and the Vampires.
They and other local celebrities will put themselves up for a good cause Saturday night during the second annual local Celebrity Auction.
Peter Roelant, who gained local celebrity chef status with stints at L'Orangerie and Four Oaks, has joined affable owner-host Jean-Bernard ``J.
Miles O'Malley is an "increasingly horny, speed-reading, thirteen-year-old insomniac" who becomes a local celebrity when he discovers a 37-foot-long giant squid while kayaking early one morning.
As the only choreographer in the local community with a stint in a New York company under her belt, Weiner holds some local celebrity status.
Upon his return to Italy in 1914, Pea settled in the resort town of Viareggio on the Tuscan coast, where, under the patronage of local celebrity Giacomo Puccini and working with such younger writers as Eugenio Montale, he organized outdoor arts festivals intended to bring theater and opera to the popolo.
Willie Johnstone, something of a local celebrity, has been the president but never kicked a ball in anger.

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