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Castle administrator Colonel Patrick Cardwell-Moore said: "Quite frankly, she's our local celebrity.
In the summer of 1996, Fred the kangaroo made headlines when it skipped out on the Circus Nock and was on the loose for months before being captured but not before gaining local celebrity status.
Friends and family kept an eye on him until he got settled, and he became quite a local celebrity.
Celebrated as The Freedom Rock Artist, Sorensen is a local celebrity known for his yearly tribute to military heroes and their families with his murals on Freedom Rock, which is located along Iowa Highway 25.
The host of this year's awards is local celebrity Iolo Williams, who was born in Builth Wells and as a small boy moved to the small village of Llanwddyn in north Powys.
The person conducting the proceedings is local celebrity and comedian Tudur Owen.
The statement went on: "The thrust of the conversation was that the defendant, who is a minor local celebrity (she presents the news on television), had been 'ripped off' by dodgy estate agents.
A British man has become a local celebrity in Croatia because his surname is Bond.
org/) Pre Oscar Party, the team from Local Celebrity (http://www.
So the students are seeking a local celebrity act who can help out or donate their time.
And the impressive plant, which is blossoming with flowers, has become a local celebrity attracting visits from local children.
Do you know a local celebrity who is having a birthday?

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