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In addition to Yong Hsian, 10 other villages in Taiwan have a 20% or more elderly population and may face "local extinction," including:
"He has created numerous rearing and soft-release strategies that have been highly successful in reversing the local extinction of many globally and locally threatened species."
Although resurgence is most robust when traditional extinction (withholding of reinforcement) is in effect, it may also occur during periods of local extinction. Local extinction can be said to occur when a response goes unreinforced, as necessarily occurs oil an intermittent reinforcement schedule.
As such, vundu numbers and sizes have steadily increased over the years and the local extinction along stretches of the Zambezi has been averted.
The rapid water loss event led to the local extinction of several native fish species.
All but three of eThekwini's 16 estuaries are degraded and a number of vegetation types face local extinction, with the endangered Sandstone Sourveld which once covered 6% of eThekwini, covering only 2% in 2009.
WILDLIFE charity has issued an SOS for help in saving one of the countryside's most striking birds from local extinction.
The main cartogram shows countries resized according to all animal and plant species assessed as being at risk of local extinction. The two smaller cartograms highlight that conservation efforts have very different spatial degrees of severity, which also partly reflects the different geographical distribution of species.
Through the new resolution, the Assembly expressed serious concern over the steady rise in the level of rhino poaching and the alarmingly high levels of killings of elephants in Africa, which threaten those species with local extinction and, in some cases, with global extinction.
Frequent local extinction and recolonization actions would result in loss of difference within and between them; as a result these the total diversity approaches to zero.
Often a predisposing problem underlying local extinction is isolation of habitat, which is either natural or more usually is caused by land clearing and disturbance.
The rare merlin, a dashing heathland bird slightly bigger than a thrush, is gradually battling back from the brink of local extinction thanks to the RSPB.

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