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Our objectives were to: (1) use robust design models where closed-captures were treated as mixtures to obtain quantitative estimates of species richness that accounted for variation and heterogeneity in detection probabilities among species and habitats; (2) evaluate bird community dynamics by estimating the probabilities of local extinction and turnover, the number of colonizing species, and rates of change in species richness; (3) compare changes in species richness within grazed and restored riparian sites over time; and (4) use qualitative methods to examine if changes in avian nesting guilds occurred in response to livestock exclusion.
local extinction, recruitment, and migration) to focus tradable credit systems on a set of common standards.
He also stated that hunting could lead to the local extinction of lions in heavily hunted areas.
Pilanesberg did raise some questions, since many of the larger mammals in the park had been hunted to local extinction decades before and were only recently "stocked" from other parts of Africa.
It focuses on species that inhabit fragmented habitats, in order to assess the risk of local extinction and discern what may help the species to survive in a landscape subject to growing human influence.
Dr Benoit Goossens, from Cardiff's School of Biosciences, said: "We will see local extinction of remnant populations trapped in small forest fragments.
Marden also explained that the "stay-at-home versus venture-forth" dichotomy is fundamentally important for ecology because habitat changes, disease, and chance events cause local extinction of small populations in individual patches.
Tom Brock, chief executive of the Scottish Seabird Centre, said: "This award gives us the opportunity to save this important species from local extinction, and prevents the loss of further habitats for the amazing wildlife in this area.
The rare black guillemot is a resident and, wonder of wonders, puffins are starting to come back too, having been driven to local extinction by a mixture of rats once deserting some sinking ship, and humans who developed a taste for them, pickled.
Gentiana kurroo Royle, a Critically Endangered (CR) medicinal plant species, endemic to the northwestern Himalayas, is fast heading towards local extinction in the Kashmir Himalaya.
Logging is destroying significant areas of Tasmania's forests and driving some species toward local extinction.

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