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FAR AHEAD, who secured a place in local folklore by winning the 1997 Ebor, was put down on Tuesday at the age of 17, writes Graham Green.
Local folklore says that the vessel, which was laden with gold, jewels and priceless historical artifacts, is at the bottom of Tobermory Bay.
Rationalism tends to lose out in these stories, as English imperialists adopt or manipulate local folklore in order to exploit locals, a process in which locals are often complicit.
Descriptions include key identification features, range maps, local folklore and mythology, and information on natural history and conservation.
They conclude, "The strange behavior known as jumping became a part of local folklore and tradition, and its participants became the focus of a medical controversy that once spanned the world.
Other complications are the suspicions of her brother that the man calling himself Jeff Dawson is an imposter, a neighbor hell-bent on avenging his sister who died in childbirth after being raped by a Seaton man, and the local folklore that Jeff Dawson's grandfather (who was part Creek Indian) was a shape-shifter who could turn into a wolf.
Local folklore claims that Robin of Sherwood used them for target practice, hitting one with arrows aimed from the other.
More than local folklore, stories of bush-lost children became part of the Australian psyche and remain resonant and enduring images linking contemporary Australia and the colonial past.
Each book covers the local scene, uses opinionated reviews to provide candid assessments of accommodation, eatery or travel pros and cons, and includes a fine blend of local folklore and cultural insights and travel specs.
In 1993, not long after Wilgus's death, she relocated to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, where she resumed her research and writing, and quickly became an active member of the local folklore community.
Quebec guide Michelle Demers shares local folklore and historical information with the group as they prepare their trek to Ile d'Orleans .