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NOTE: Macintosh, Power Macintosh, Mac OS, FireWire and LocalTalk are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
Simultaneous Interfacing - RS-232 serial, Parallel, and LocalTalk interfaces are standard and can be active simultaneously for seamless, cross platform support.
Farallon's Inter-Route/5 router provides the translation needed for Localtalk users to access Ethernet and Internet resources.
NOTE: Apple, the Apple logo, LaserWriter, EtherTalk and LocalTalk are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
0 allows direct Ethernet and LocalTalk connectivity with native TCP/IP support for much easier connection to the Internet.
By supporting both Universal Serial Bus (USB) and LocalTalk connections, HP's latest midrange laser printer for business professionals now offers all Macintosh customers, both new and legacy users, direct connectivity to their Macintosh computers.
The JetDirect Connectivity Card also provides an easy way to connect other clients or hosts, such as UNIX systems and mainframes with serial ports and legacy Macintosh computers with LocalTalk ports.
Built in software enables direct printing to serial, IrDA and LocalTalk printers.
Neon Software offers an entire series of network management products including LANsurveyor, AppleTalk and IP network mapping managing and reporting application; NetMinder Ethernet and NetMinder LocalTalk, software-only protocol analyzers; RouterCheck, a router management application; CyberGauge, a bandwidth measurement utility.
Autosensing, autoswitching Ethernet, LocalTalk, and bidirectional parallel ports are built-in, allowing Mac OS, Windows 3.
The Netopia R3100's capabilities can also be enhanced by a range of inexpensive add-on kits that give growing businesses unmatched flexibility: in addition to the Analog Dial-In Kit (see above), an AppleTalk Kit can be ordered which offers LocalTalk to Ethernet routing, transparent Internet connections for LocalTalk or PhoneNET, as well as the ability to interconnect two remote AppleTalk networks via an IP tunnel (AURP).