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LOCALITY, Scotch law. This name is given to a life rent created in marriage contracts in favor of the wife, instead of leaving her to her legal life rent of terce. 1 Bell's Com. 55. See Jointure.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In each locality, 1.5 km2 area was surveyed for population estimation of Herpestes edwardsii.
This is where Locality Virtual Tour comes-in and provides eager property seekers with a panoramic street view of the area, helping them understand the nuances of the location before they purchase/ rent/ resale a new property or a plot."
Glossophaga commissarisi--Specimens examined: locality 55 (1, CRD 1863).
2) There are statistical indications for direct relationship between superstitious beliefs and age among working women in East- Nile locality.
About 20 km downstream from Bastrop, Cedar Creek enters the river from the right side (Locality 5).
The pay disparity for the 1999 locality payments showed that federal workers made 30.43 percent less than their non-federal counterparts.
If local species saturation occurs, then perhaps a correct locality size exists at which this saturation would be evident.
Since contract auditors at best would be providing their services to a locality on a part-time basis, they would be in a perpetual conflict of interest vis-a-vis their private clients.
This question is particularly important with respect to bank mergers and acquisitions: If banking markets are nonlocal, then supply and demand conditions in a locality should not affect prices in that locality; therefore, such local conditions would not be relevant in the evaluation of the competitive effects of any given merger.
LAKKI MARWAT -- A man and his minor son were killed when they came under attack in Landi Mir Salam locality of Tajori here on Sunday.
Through your esteemed newspaper I want to draw the attention of the authorities concerned towards the accumulation of piles of garbage in the streets and alleys of my locality. The government and the relevant authorities should take immediate steps to clean the piles of garbage.