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The state report found that some populations of a sensitive seaweed species called sea palm have gone locally extinct in some spots along the north coast in the past 20 years, potentially a result of illegal overharvesting.
In one of the most remarkable reintroductions of a locally extinct species, the Swiss-born ecologist has now transported two consignments of Przewalski horses--regarded as the most ancient equine line still extant--from France to Mongolia as part of a plan by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to restore the world's last wild horse to its native habitat.
We thought they were locally extinct but earlier this year I spotted a new pair.
incarnata was previously native to Jeju Island, it is assumed that it is now locally extinct.
It once roamed as far south as Texas but has become locally extinct in many states; nonetheless, it is far from extinct globally.
After 2 years of observing parasitism above 90 percent, and extremely poor productivity, we calculated statistically that the bird would become locally extinct within 10 years without immediate intervention.
He was able to reintroduce locally extinct plant species which had resisted dramatic changes and escaped camel overgrazing.
Cats are responsible for 39 species being either extinct, locally extinct, or near extinct in Australia,'' Evans said the other day.
Biologists have even tranplanted CBS monkeys to Cockscomb Basin, a jaguar preserve at the base of the Maya Mountains, to begin a new population where howlers have been locally extinct for years.
was asked and answered, Rea and Ijichi had participants mention the locally extinct species by name: the California condor, the yellow-billed cuckoo, Swainson's hawk, the bank swallow, the black rail, the Fulvous tree duck, as well as the pronghorn (the American antelope), the long-earned kit fox, and the Southern California grizzly.

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