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The reforms should focus on both the collection of the taxes and the institutions which collects and manage the taxes with a view to achieving higher levels of revenue performance, said William Lochi, of the European University Institute, who reviewed a paper presented at the conference.
The broom flower--which is "Di tristi/ Lochi e dal mondo abbandonati amante,/ E d'afflitte fortune ognor compagna" (lines 14-16)--contemplates the immense power of the Vesuvius, which suscitates reflection about the futility of human endeavour: "A queste piagge/ Venga colui che d'esaltar con lode/ II nostro stato ha in uso, e vegga quanto/ E il gener nostro in cura/ All'amante natura" (lines 37-41).
In the Italian village of San Donaci, pensioner Maria Margherita Lochi would go to church every day with her seven-year-old German Shepherd, Ciccio.
Lochi Ghulam Murtaza (a), Muhammad Ghiasuddin Shah (a), Amjad Hussain Merani (a), Muhammad Shoaib Khan (b) *, Sheeraz Mustafa Khushk (a) and Abdul Manan Khokhar (a)
non godendo tutto il clero le dette franchecze che lor competono, poiche si son date et danno ad altri lochi, almeno ne goderebeno cinquanta preti dell'istesso clero, et s'havrebbe certecza d'havere cinquanta parochi literati et di buona vita (49).
The Tayside team look set to include two ex-Capitals players in their line-up with Jeff Marshall and Paddy Lochi both expected to play.
PATRIC Lochi has rejoined Dundee Stars for the rest of this season.
9) 'si assicurasse ancor d'usare, e scrivendo e parlando, quelle che oggidi sono in consuetudine in Toscana e negli altri lochi della Italia, e che hanno qualche grazia nella pronuncia' (I, XXIX; p.
When Paddy Lochi made it 3-3 early in the final period, the Hillheads side again responded quickly as Rob Wilson and Ryan Sample netted the crucial goals.
The Stars hit their second as Canadian Patric Lochi struck on the power play.
Since then many of the faces familiar to Coventry fans have moved on, but Dundee's Patric Lochi, whose searing pace caused many a problem in the past, is still with the side.