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Employer's withholding of work from employees in order to gain concession from them; it is the employers' counterpart of the employee's strike. Refusal by the employer to furnish available work to its regular employees, whether refusal is motivated by the employer's desire to protect itself against economic injury, by its desire to protect itself at the bargaining table, or by both.


Labor Law; Labor Union.


noun barring out, cessation of employyent, cessation of the furnishing of work, close-out, coorcive refusal to furnish work, employer work stoppage, exclusion of workers, nonadmission of employees, preclusion of work, refusal to furnish work, repudiation of employment, stoppage of work, temporary closing, work stoppage
Associated concepts: strike
See also: ostracism
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At the same time, however, a lock-out will likely increase the scrutiny that will be applied to other aspects of the arrangement, such as the amount of rent that is paid or the disclosures that are provided.
Dog-eats-dog is frowned on normally between media rivals, but the initial responses of correspondent Jonathan Agnew and senior producer Peter Baxter to their lock-out was so far over the top, it deserves recounting.
Back are one-nil lock-outs and back are opponents who can't cope with 4-5-1 even if they use it themselves.
The process is fraught with complications and potential walk-outs and lock-outs.
Lock-outs were often used in connection with the sale and purchase of shares although their status and enforceability were in doubt until the House of Lords confirmed their legality in 1992.
Built-in AutoQC[R] modulo holds up to 40 days of QC material & automatically provides programmable QC regimens, lock-outs, & lot-to-lot comparisons.