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Instead of old-fashioned pub lock-ins they were there for freebies, deals, discounts and fun.
Through weaving webs of understanding with other actors on the local, state, and European level and taking actions including lock-ins, hunger strikes, demonstration, and assemblies, they demand that the Spanish government regularize, without conditions, the situation of all those who are kept in irregular residency situations by immigration policies.
Lenders complain that lock-ins have become too much like options.
This prompts consumers to be more aware of a fall in rates after they lock-in a mortgage.
Even if it is just for the pub lock-ins, it may be time for a move.
Most popular lock-ins are TESSAs - Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts.
Avoid lock-ins and redemption penalties if you can.
But the biggest bone of contention is mortgages that come with lock-ins, also known as tie-ins or overhangs.
So even with a two-year lock-in you will be in the money if you switch.
4 per cent discount off the variable mortgage rate without a lock-in pays less than one on a two-year, 2.