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Day spa packages or 'lock-ins', as Claire prefers to call them, are available for up to six clients at any one time.
Most popular lock-ins are TESSAs - Tax Exempt Special Savings Accounts.
Instead of old-fashioned pub lock-ins they were there for freebies, deals, discounts and fun.
A lock-in program that could be shared throughout the country was the brainchild of Jennifer Lawson of the San Diego County Library.
However, the Klein-Bruggman list of undesirable successes includes the doubtful examples of firms that successfully mislead (a concern that Klein's main text seemed to undermine effectively) and lock-ins, a great urban legend.
For this reason, in the first days of 2005 the migrants of the AUR once again began a lock-in. For three consecutive days they demanded unconditional regularization, an annulment of detentions and deportation orders for undocumented migrants, the closure of the Immigrant Detention Centres, the repeal of the Immigration Law, but above all, the establishment of talks with the new socialist government.
"The solution that I propose is straightforward and simple - free, universal, locally sourced, hot school lunches, given to all pupils under the age of 16, coupled with a policy whereby pupils are not allowed off the school site at lunchtime - a lunchtime lock-in, so to speak."
Although buying a home is usually the largest single purchase in a person's life, many of us are clueless when real estate agents start using terms like "title search," "closing cost," "mortgage lock-in" and "settlement." But don't despair.
Secondary marketing's hedging costs vary directly with lock-in exercise efficiency.
A key provision of the amendments recently signed into law by Governor Mario Cuomo requires mortgage brokers, as well as mortgage banks, to fully disclose all conditions of mortgage rate lock-ins, to list all documents and conditions required to close the loan, and to provide written notice to a mortgage applicant no later than 12 business days prior to the expiration date of the lock-in.
The bill would also amend the Truth in Lending Act to regulate "lock-in" agreements by making a creditor's commitment to a finance charge a requirement of the law, unless the creditor clearly discloses that the offered finance charge is subject to change.
Cleveland Police claim CCTV was "deliberately" turned away during a 10-person 'lock-in', in which a mobile was thrown off a woman's head, causing a two-inch cut.