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The call comes as frustration mounts among investors over an increasingly common disregard for lock-ups designed to prevent a selling shareholder, such as a private equity group, destabilising the market.
categories, these decisions opened up space for lock-up creep to occur.
131) Orchid Cellmark highlights the Delaware Chancery Court's deferential approach to lock-ups, which at the same time is evolving to continue this approach even with the advent of lock-up creep.
When an IPO lock-up period expires, more shares are available for trading, placing a greater supply of stock in the stock market.
Although the lock-up at Everton has enjoyed several names during its 224-year history, it is most commonly named after Prince Rupert, commander of King Charles I's forces during the English Civil War of the 1640s.
The garages hit are part of a row of 30 lock-ups in Glenburn Drive, Baillieston.
A ROW of firms and lock-ups were under threat after arsonists struck today.
Barry Phillips, of Queensway, Wrex-ham, stores his 883cc Harley Davidson Sportster in a nearby council lock-up.
At Caernarfon the town's lock-up has been turned into one of Britain's smallest chapels.
The lock-up, which has an electronic door, is close to Haymarket Station.