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Almost 40 years after he was locked away, there is still an overwhelming sense of public revulsion about him and his crimes.
We would also take this opportunity to warn people of the need to make sure all their property is locked away and kept secure.
One of the biggest issues the UT school had was that its researchers created 'islands of information' -- content of all types locked away in personal directories, laptops, etc.
Yakko, Wakko and Dot are locked away charged with causing too much chaos.
Paul Magelli, CEO of Apertio, said: "By deploying a single data platform underpinning the entire core network, Vodafone is able to create a truly subscriber centric network by liberating vital subscriber data currently locked away in multiple, complex, proprietary hardware applications.
Homes must be clean and orderly, with electrical outlets covered, poisonous fluids and sharp objects locked away, and fire extinguishers and smoke detectors present.
Instead, police are keeping the plastic urn containing the ashes locked away.
As a result, our clients' information assets are not held hostage, and their data are not locked away in proprietary formats.
Chatters is one of only a few people to have examined the bones before they were locked away in a dispute between scientists and American Indians.
By transforming audio data into actionable intelligence, Nexidia allows both government and commercial enterprises to leverage untapped information previously locked away in audio files.
Already, a lot of public money and effort has been spent on crime reduction - much of it devoted to law enforcement and prisons where those who commit crimes can be locked away.
The 6,500 movies they made were locked away after official viewing in Washington.