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Our study also shows that because the lockup agreement removes personal incentives to issue aggressive forecasts, IPO firms tend to issue conservative forecasts.
The lockup agreements replace earlier agreements, which have expired.
The Lockup Agreement generally provides that the Signatories will not tender the 11% Notes nor provide any requested consent absent the express supermajority written agreement of the Signatories.
the "Company" or "NAEG") (OTC Pink Sheets: NVMG) announced today the execution of Share Lockup Agreements for all of its Control Shareholders, Officers, Directors and Management Team.
Enters into Stock Purchase, Option and Lockup Agreements with Investor Group
All restrictions on purchases and sales of Company common stock by the Gunnermans pursuant to the Lockup Agreement expire on December 31, 2007.
The lockup agreement provides a commitment to the market that insiders will not immediately cash out their shareholdings following the IPO.
The cash would be paid to holders of the Shariah-compliant notes, or sukuk, once a lockup agreement between Dana Gas and its creditors is signed, likely later this month, according to the person, who asked not to be identified because the information is private.
According to Nord Gold, the holders of approximately 28% of the minority shares of HRG have already agreed to tender their shares and have entered into a lockup agreement.
Faced with the prospect of a down economy, entering our seasonally slow summer months and working through our bankruptcy commitments to cut expenses as outlined in our lockup agreement, we must further reduce overhead.
Goldman Sachs is selling almost the entire stake that it is free to divest under a revised lockup agreement with ICBC.
Energis was thrown into a dispute with one of its largest shareholders yesterday, over what the telecoms company said was the breach of a lockup agreement not to sell its stock.