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GOLD. A metal used in making money, or coin. It is pure when the metal is unmixed with any other. Standard gold, is gold mixed with some other metal, called alloy. Vide Money.

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The range of work under the sub-contract includes prospecting, exploration and mining of alluvial and lode gold on an exclusive basis over the mining area.
Ravensgate considers the Snake Hill Prospect to be worthy of further exploration for structurally controlled orogenic lode gold deposits, utilising geological models established by recent work undertaken by NMI.
This site contains placer deposits of gold, easier to mine than the more common lode gold.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 6, 2014-Verde Resources' drilling programme yielded excellent high grade lode gold potential in Pahang, Malaysia
Rubianna Resources has announced it has won a A$125,000 jointly funded grant to drill quartz vein lode gold targets at its Ruby Well tenement.
Structurally controlled mesothermal lode gold is hosted in silicified zones spatially related to quartz veins in a sheared dioritic-gabbroic intrusion and is associated with sulphides.