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These clubs are not military lodging facilities but private nonprofit organizations.
The Army decided to privatize its lodging facilities to obtain private sector financing to address the poor condition of its facilities and the high estimated costs to repair them, whereas the other military services decided not to privatize since the services' lodging expenses could increase due to higher room rates if privatized and officials viewed their lodging facilities as in generally good condition.
The top five environmental-friendly actions that business travelers expect lodging facilities to be taking are recycling (77%), energy-efficient lighting (74%), energy-efficient windows (59%), placing cards in rooms to let guests request that sheets and towels not be changed (52%), and the regular use of environmentally safe cleaning products (49%).
The top five environmental actions business travelers expect lodging facilities to be taking are (in order):
Of the nine hotels, five are mid-scale or economy products, and the remaining four are boutique lodging facilities.
The subsidiary will supply all the case goods for the hotel chain's guest room furniture, both in its full-service lodging facilities and its limited service divisions, which include Courtyards, Fairfield Inns and Residence Inns.
is a national project promoting access in the United States for persons with disabilities through the surveying, identification and publication of conference, meeting, and lodging facilities which meet the National Rehabilitation Association's minimum accessibility guidelines.
He said, 'we are providing international level boarding and lodging facilities to the visitors'.
Following the discovery of oil and establishment of a Mt Kenya University campus, pressure on lodging facilities in the under-developed country has grown over the last year.
25, and temporary lodging facilities went from $43 to $55 per night.
The transfer of temporary lodging facilities to the Navy Ship Store Office (NSSO) was originally called for by the Secretary of the Navy in 1961.