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Given their populations, their educational systems and the extent of their natural resources, the rise of Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC) into potential economic super-powers is a logical consequence of globalization.
95--Azzouni's aim is to articulate philosophically adequate accounts of truth, proof, and logical consequence without falling into (what he perceives to be) the pitfalls of the following: Platonism, the truthmaker assumption (if a sentence, statement or belief is true then it is, at least in part, made true by how the world is), treating existential affirmations as entailing ontological commitments, and holding that normative rules or principles of reason are introspectively accessible.
The logical consequence of that is that its UK production is running at too high a level and so it has moved to reduce it, with distressing results for the north east.
Yet the decision is a logical consequence of a commitment to adhere to existing UO policies and the law, particularly the law against underage drinking.
He astutely observes that the rampant fundamentalism of our day is the logical consequence of the utter secularism embraced in the '60s.
As a logical consequence, the power station has adjusted the financial amortisation period to 60 years.
The decision to introduce the brand name Cryptera for the international activities is a logical consequence of the recent and successful merger between BBS, PBS and Teller under the common brand Nets.
It was stressed by both parties to the agreement that the partnership was the logical consequence of the rising demand for service-oriented management solutions.
Jim Edwards has argued (2002) that this claim is false if we take "entails" to mean "has as a logical consequence.
The logical consequence of that is that some consumers are buying things they don't want and others are buying things that they're not entirely clear what they're paying for," he said.
It did deserve a yellow card so the red was the logical consequence.
5 billion from VW is a logical consequence of a well-balanced system design.