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59,6% of the expression errors arising from logical errors were made by the female, while 40,4% of them were made by the male students.
His high school English teacher gave good marks to nonsense, as long as it was grammatically correct, but writing instructor Philip Vassallo urges us to beware of logical errors and other mistakes in content, as he decidedly demonstrates that Writing Correctly is Not Necessarily Writing Well.
Using such an approach, the therapist attempts to offer the patient insight into his or her logical errors.
In addition they offer consistent edits for unbundling, upcoding, medically inappropriate/duplicative services, logical errors and other problems.
Hence, year-2000 expenditures may be described as the costs incurred to identify and repair computer software code and data files in order to eliminate mathematical or logical errors that result from the use of zeroes in a two-digit data field representing the year for a particular date.
When you consider how much material Wall Street and the financial press produce, it is remarkable how infrequently these writers make logical errors or engage in a rhetorical finessing of the question.
Specifically, Kroll Ontrack engineers built proprietary tools that can emulate the Dell disk controller while extracting as much data as possible from disks with logical errors, bad sectors and many other error types.
The critique provides an in-depth discussion of the legal, historical and logical errors in the Parker decision.
Restore Platform: Most applications require split copies of the data to protect against logical errors.
MacNeal pinpoints mathematical or logical errors commonly made.