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Noticeable are some logical fallacies, inaccuracies that range from silly factual misstatements to gross distortions and oversimplifications of the world religions' doctrines and practices, and an uneven tenor that vacillates between forceful, even nervous assurances of respect for religious traditions and dismissive remarks toward them, implying that the religious "blindly obey" their holy books (p.
The author addresses cataracts, blindsight, acquired dyslexia, visual agnosias, and other phenomenas, then uses what he's described about the limits of vision to illustrate the limitations of a person's ability to mentally visualize and reason, covering everything from logical fallacies to how motives and emotions alter the way the world is perceived.
27 letter, employing logical fallacies and a shallow grasp of history.
Rather than defending Socrates, as was often done, against criticism for dialectical tactics taken to be unacceptable and for various logical fallacies, by linking Plato to ancient literary practices of ambiguity and linking his Socrates to ancient dialectical theories (Chapter 4), C finds a deliberate and creative use of ambiguity (Chapter 3) that is philosophically defensible because it aims at the moral improvement of the interlocutor.
The use of logical fallacies such as focusing on the weakest cases, resorting to ad hominem attacks, and deliberately distorting the data or the conclusions drawn from it are sadly commonplace.
A mechanics section includes ten common problems for second-language writers, plus a list of logical fallacies.
The confusion of correlation with causation is, of course, one of the oldest logical fallacies - and one to which financial analysis is especially prone.
Now, in The Bum's Rush: The Selling of Environmental Backlash, Don Trent Jacobs takes Limbaugh to task for his devious and dishonest use of persuasive words and logical fallacies.
The first edition published over 80 years ago, Straight and Crooked Thinking is a field-guide to linguistic manipulations, logical fallacies and other ways that people's thinking is led astray (by themselves or others).
If she has any crucial piece of evidence to support catastrophic anthropogenic global warming let's hear it - no logical fallacies though
He also uses informal logical fallacies, including either/or propositions and proceeding from false premises.
as logical fallacies (Dreyfus & Jungwirth, 1980; Jungwirth & Dreyfus, 1990; Jungwirth, 1987), as formal reasoning processes or skills (Blair & Johnson, 1980; Lawson, 1982, 1985; Obed, 1997), as scientific reasoning in general (Friedler et al.