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In the law of evidence, a truth or proposition drawn from another that is supposed or admitted to be true. A process of reasoning by which a fact or proposition sought to be established is deduced as a logical consequence from other facts, or a state of facts, already proved or admitted. A logical and reasonable conclusion of a fact not presented by direct evidence but which, by process of logic and reason, a trier of fact may conclude exists from the established facts. Inferences are deductions or conclusions that with reason and common sense lead the jury to draw from facts which have been established by the evidence in the case.


n. a rule of logic applied to evidence in a trial, in which a fact is "proved" by presenting other "facts" which lead to only one reasonable conclusion--that if A and B are true, then C is. The process is called "deduction" or "deductive reasoning," and is a persuasive form of circumstantial evidence. (See: circumstantial evidence)


noun allusion, assumption, conclusio, coniectura, conjecture, deduction, guess, hint, hypothesis, illation, implication, impression, inkling, judgment, observation, postulate, postulation, premise, presupposal, presupposition, speculation, supposal, supposition, surmise, suspicion, theorem, theory, thesis, understanding
Associated concepts: evidentiary inference, favorable inferrnce, legal inference, legitimate inference, presumption
Foreign phrases: Expressa nocent, non expressa non nooent.Things expressed may be prejudicial; that which is not expressed will not.
See also: conclusion, conjecture, connotation, construction, determination, generalization, hint, hypothesis, idea, innuendo, insinuation, intimation, mention, presumption, reference, referral, signification, speculation, suggestion, suspicion, uncertainty

INFERENCE. A conclusion drawn by reason from premises established by proof.
     2. It is the province of the judge who is to decide upon the facts to draw the inference. When the facts are submitted to the court, the judges draw the inference; when they are to be ascertained by a jury, it is their duty to do so. The witness is not permitted as a general rule to draw an inference, and testify that to the court or jury. It is his duty to state the facts simply as they occurred. Inferences differ from presumptions. (q.v.)

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In this paper, we have worked on the construction for the question answering processing section that can perform the logical inference in the proposed system.
In general, graduates "satisfied" with their education in the arts, creative thinking, logical inferences, learning independently, exercising initiative, and tolerating other points of view had higher Commitment and Empathy scores as sophomores than "dissatisfied" graduates in these areas of personal growth.
Compared to logical inference, inference-guiding has received less attention from researchers, though there have been some published literature on the topic.
Even though there is no requirement that Steinberger exclude every other possible cause other than a defendant's negligence, the record must render the other possible causes sufficiently remote to enable the trier of fact to reach a verdict based upon the logical inferences to be drawn from the evidence, not upon speculation.
Rather, courts misuse the term to refer to the strong logical inference of anticompetitiveness drawn from proof of market concentration.
They begin with the observation that the hardness proofs for approximation tasks all involve CPtables that include 0s and 1s--which, in essence, means the network is being used to do something like logical inference.
The psychology of deductive reasoning involves giving people problems that the experimenters conceive of as requiring logical inference.
Now in logic, what are called rules of logical inference are merely definitory rules of the game of logic.
But perhaps William Paley's original Argument From Design from 1802 will not satisfy a scientist because it is based on logical inference rather than fact.
The bill would allow juries to draw the logical inference that a business identified on a sign bears the responsibility for it.
In many of these cases, the logical inference procedures failed to identify feasible paths containing the root errors.
The mode of argument by accumulation of biblical texts, exegeses of disputed passages, brief deductions, and occasional references to the techniques of logical inference, has something reminiscent of the classroom, where the teacher proves his point and announces firmly |so now we see .

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