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At Lone Star State Construction LLC, the continuing pursuit of excellence is the cornerstone of our business credo.
The Texas Freedom Network (TFN) studied more than 1,000 public school districts in the Lone Star State and found that 33 had provided some type of Bible course during the 2000-01 school year.
Numbers like From a Distance and Lone Star State of Mind established her as a top seller this side of the Atlantic.
Lone Star State Of Death by Bobbi Ann Chukran is the intriguing tale of journalist Samantha Slater in her new move to a small town in Texas and immediate assignment to cover a local murder mystery.
They hit some spots in Arizona and New Mexico on the way through to the Lone Star State.
TEXAS -- The Lone Star State opened its school doors to thousands of children displaced by Hurricane Katrina.
The study determined that Texas is "a large user of RCA materials," with private industry and municipalities consuming more than 60 percent of the RCA produced in the Lone Star State.
But when Gordon Wood, the legend of Brownwood, TX, died in late December, it made the front-page of virtually every newspaper in the Lone Star State.
Texas is called the Lone Star State because of the design of the state flag: a broad vertical blue stripe at left centred by a single white star, with horizontal bars of white (uppermost) and red on the right.
Universities in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana have seen a dramatic rise in admissions from the Lone Star state.
Readers are cautioned that at this point young Michael's arrival in the Lone Star state does not provide the sort of conflict found in some recent movies about ballet (and nowhere else).
The Winter brothers might not be burning up the pop charts these days, but they make a compelling pair of models for a comic, Both are albinos; both sport long, eloistyle hairdos; and the tattoo-rich Johnny is at least a contender for the title of Most Illustrated Man in the Lone Star State.

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