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On the original Challenger, it has a much longer dash-to-axle, kind of a cab rear and long hood.
It has a low-slung silhouette and a long hood and is equipped with a 1.
The well stocked kitchen boasts about a 24 ft long hood system.
Styling is claimed to be reminiscent of a mid-'20s Isotta Fraschini, complete with exaggerated wheel arches and long hood design cues, though the front and rear bumpers are constructed from a more modern material, carbon fiber.
The new 2015 S-Class features heated armrests, hot stone seating massage, ionised air purification, a Burmester sound system, long hood with pronounced lines and powerdomes, a low profile with high beltline, accentuated wheel arches and large wheels.
The vehicle has a distinctive long hood, and a refined character-line that runs the length of the wheelbase.