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Crew comfort improvements included dramatically reduced noise levels, a significant reduction in smoke emissions, and better visibility due to the lower long hood and the inclusion of more rear cab windows
The vehicle has a long hood, a low roof line, a fastback-like silhouette, a front end with thin LED headlights, a large hexagonal grille with metal inserts and a hood ornament.
The latest interpretation of Chrysler's eggcrate grille flows into the long hood, while the arced roof and rising belt line are accentuated by a raked hatch with a back light that sweeps around the C-pillars.
Optional extras incl-ude alloy wheels, a choice of a short or a long hood and a removable steel frame with canvas doors.
Although its competitors have gone to "cab forward" designs, Chevrolet is continuing with the old-fashioned long hood, short trunk style.
The aerodynamic and fuel efficient T600 and T2000 models, traditional long hood W900, and versatile, workhorse T800 each enable customers to achieve success in their specific applications," said Bob Christensen, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president.
The vehicle features a long hood, short rear deck and a long rear overhang.
CITROEN C-METISSE CONCEPT: Trying to redefine the hatchback, Citroen uses Flamboyant body work and a long hood to make the C-Metisse a shocking coupe that is more in line with the Grand Touring segment.