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The Army has a requirement for 1,213 long-range reconnaissance surveillance systems, but the service's current inventory of Pumas only fills about half of that, Kioutas said.
The course was three weeks in length and designed to train Soldiers in the "art and science of long-range reconnaissance techniques" in the jungle, (8) The demand for skilled jungle reconnaissance was so high in Vietnam that Recondo School included live-combat reconnaissance patrols, patrols in which students were injured and killed leading to the course's unofficial moniker of "deadliest school on earth.
This rule restricted women from assignments in special operations and long-range reconnaissance units.
Until the siege on the In Amenas, dozens of North African desert camps were thought to be virtually impregnable, with steel-wire fences, long-range reconnaissance equipment and army patrols amid the sand dunes.
Its features lent it a distinct edge over its peers in diverse roles such as long-range reconnaissance, counter-interdiction, electronic warfare, and suppression of enemy air defences (SEAD).
Named after the amazing SR-71 Blackbird, a wicked fast, long-range reconnaissance aircraft, the new Strother rig is advertised to hit IBO speeds exceeding 350 fps.
When not combat deployed, Rangers train to maintain their edge in airborne and air assault operations, raids, ambushes, airfield seizures, long-range reconnaissance and recovery of personnel and special equipment, among other actions.
The resumption of long-range reconnaissance flights by Russian Bear bombers in the summer of 2007 - and the subsequent scrambling of RAF fighters to intercept them - revived memories of the Cold War at a time of strained relations between Moscow and the West.
1]s first international customer for the P-8 aircraft, a long-range reconnaissance and antisubmarine warfare defense system, the company said.
Soldiers from 23 SAS soldiers are long-range reconnaissance specialists and join straight from civilian life - usually recruited from the Midlands, the north of England or Scotland.
We believe that the AMV program offers an innovative solution as a long-range reconnaissance vehicle that fills a technology gap for the U.

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