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Procedure The National Panel Study About Adolescents in Korea (NPSA), a longitudinal study, used the multiple-point perspective panel design, which is a representative method of longitudinal research used to investigate the same participants at three or more different time points (Park, Kim, & Kim, 2001).
Advantages and new developments associated with conducting longitudinal research make this an opportune time to increase the profession's involvement in longitudinal research.
The concept of longitudinal research relates to both the nature of the data and the methods of analysis.
Many participants commented that more longitudinal research is needed to see what does and doesn't work for preventing obesity.
Longitudinal research studies in music the-ap), are not frequently reported within the music therapy literature despite the need for these Within the discipline.
Alcohol Use Across the Life Course: A Critical Review of 70 Years of International Longitudinal Research.
In experimental longitudinal research, all of the stimuli, responses, and consequences are recorded.
There are several issues to consider when using the BDS database for longitudinal research.
Understanding the influence of earlier behaviors and life events on later outcomes requires longitudinal research in which one or more groups of same-age children are followed-over a number of years until they reach adolescence or early adulthood.
The Family Mosaic: a longitudinal research project on child development, 1978, 1999.
Conducting research that identifies the most promising educational practices operating in Florida's juvenile justice facilities with follow-up outcomes and longitudinal research that validate these practices as best educational practices;
But, it may not resonate as well with those who are concerned with the ethical, political, and social implications of continued efforts to focus on an entire generation of citizens as potential consumers who can be targeted with advertising using profiling, longitudinal research of cohorts of children as they turn into future markets, and so forth.

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