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A former teacher and curriculum consultant, with a career-long interest in English and literacy learning, she has directed longitudinal research studies of growth in literacy at ACER.
In those contexts where experimental or quasi-experimental designs are difficult to implement, longitudinal research represents a compelling strategy to test causal relationships between intergroup contact and intergroup attitudes (Brown et al.
As a field we need to encourage high-quality qualitative research utilizing case studies and single-subject design and perform more longitudinal research, which can be translated into guidance for practitioners.
Policymakers and funders should support longitudinal research on large programs to increase the body of literature to assist program planners.
Rigorous, longitudinal research on large programs would provide valuable information to policy makers and practitioners.
On a very minimal level, longitudinal research is the collection of data on multiple points.
At least half of these articles have their roots in long-term, longitudinal research projects, some of which, including the work of Feldman, linguist William L.
Donna Deyhle's longitudinal research spans a twenty-five-year period, from 1984 to 2009.
Congruence Between Panel and Recall Data in Longitudinal Research," Public Opinion Quarterly, June, pp.
Along with updated reference and research articles, this third edition includes a new chapter on longitudinal research designs and a new section on psychometrics.
MacArthur Foundation provided support for longitudinal research on the impact of incarceration on youth crime.
The next chapter is about longitudinal research in school bullying.

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