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A Marine Accident Investigation Branch report in August 1991 said the failure of look-outs on both ships was the immediate cause of the tragedy.
I spent half-an-hour re-constructing it, placing knights back on their charges and soldiers at their look-outs.
We made special security rounds this time and we have special look-outs and night vision binoculars.
DRUG dealers are using children as young as nine as look-outs for gardai.
Detectives hunting the robbers were today exploring the possibility that there may have been more members of the gang acting as look-outs at the shopping centre.
Finding the encampment deserted and evidence of foul play, Sarge leads most of his unit into the hills to investigate, leaving behind pacifist Napoleon and beautiful 19-year-old enlistee Amber as look-outs.
Armed with a power saw and using look-outs linked by radio, the gang stole pounds 13,310 from an ATM at the Total Garage on Clockmill Road, Gateshead, in November 2005.
The recruitment of young people may be increasing, and they were "extensively" used in one unnamed area as runners or look-outs, according to the report.
To ensure that these areas are safe for everyone to enjoy during the day, Keep Britain Tidy wants residents to act as look-outs and report any anti-social behaviour to the police.
Failure by both boats to post proper look-outs was blamed and an inquest returned a verdict of unlawful killing.
In 1992, organized burglary teams using walkie-talkies, police scanners, look-outs, and an array of tools began targeting supermarket and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) safes.
Others acted as look-outs, making sure no store management witnessed the "accident," and then informed store officials of the incident.