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The study found that those most likely to act as look-outs were 18-34-year-olds while those likely to get in a car and do nothing were mainly in the over-55 age group.
l The Bowbelle captain, Douglas Henderson, was tried in 1991 on a charge of failing to keep a proper look-out.
AUG 1991: A Marine Accident Investigation Branch report says the failure of look-outs on both ships caused the tragedy.
Shop traders in the busy high street at Rochester, Kent, even acted as his look-outs.
Castle Hill was used as a venue because look-outs could keep an easy watch in case of police raids.
Thanks to the project, the tourist ridge route will be marked and several new look-outs will be built, " says Klra Dostlov , Minister of Regional Development.
They had look-outs and, if they spotted police on horseback, the birds would be put away and the gentry would pretend that they were simply admiring the display of flowers."
"They often use ironing boards as a table, allowing gamblers -- who have look-outs and informers placed in the crowds -- to quickly disperse at the hint of police action," the official said.
They targeted four machines at Golden Sands, Rhyl, stealing PS440, with Yates and Neafcy as "look-outs".
Every year, the radiance of fall draws nature-lovers to Monadnock State Park -- and countless other mountains, hills, scenic look-outs and shady country lanes -- by the droves.
I am lucky in that I have several "look-outs" in Beechwood ward who notify me (often with photographic evidence) of any build up of litter or fly tipping so that it can be removed quickly and I am grateful for their help.