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Recently I got an attorney to represent me. the main issues were a Q.D.R.O.(which was due me in 2001},a 69 pickup(which was taken from me forcefully during my divorce},and my child custody {which was illegally taken via submission of stolen evidence, and perjury in court all of which I have proof. I was misled. On my first consult my attorney said he would go ahead with the existing issue specifically and after would file paperwork fireguards to my issues. I told him from the beginning of the fraud, robbery and submission of stolen evidence. He took $2000.00 and we agreed that he would represent me dealing with my issues separately. The day of court I am informed by my attorney that I am a transient and he will not be representing me on my child custody issues. I do not understand why the pick-up truck or the Q.D.R.O. was mixed in with my existing case, in the beginning I was told it was in my best interest to deal with them separately and after dealing with the existing case. Yet I was told my attorney that he would file the proper paperwork so that I could get my case in court. After the first issue in court I was furious that the issues were combined. My attorney did not want to represent me on anything else. I believe my attorney allowed the other party to cover-up robbery, fraud, and submission of stolen evidence. I have proof of these actions and that is why I hired him in the beginning he refused to even look at a police report which I tried to submit as evidence in court. As it stands right now I still am getting stonewalled in requires to my entitlement ($12,000.00 dollar Q.D.R.O), my parental rights {which were stolen via perjury and submission of stolen evidence in court. my 69 pick-up truck {which was taken from me by force during my divorce. How do I get proper representation?


It would seem you need to get a second attorney to review the entire situation--a refund may also be due to you.
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