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73 million C&D recycling facility operated by Looney Bins.
58 (480m): Ballygibba Tim, Looney Bin, Droopy''s Jethro, Cairns Mo, Centaur Forward (W).
52 (480m): A Ken Lizzy, Looney Bin, Bellpac Fanta, Fortune Brett, Gia Maria, Timmy Minty (W).
Waste Management: Purchased Looney Bins, Downtown Diversion and East Valley Diversion, boosting its recycling operation.
A variety of screens is what Downtown Diversion and its sister company Looney Bins operate in their two Los Angeles area plants.
The winners include Sony Pictures Entertainment and Looney Bins Inc.
com website to find a place to re-use these set materials and other recyclables so that they don't end up in landfills," said Mayan Spaccarellie of Looney Bins Inc.
Downtown Diversion is a sister company to longtime C&D materials collector and CMRA member Looney Bins, which is now a roll-off and hauling company.
About 20 percent comes from the Looney Bins roll-offs, while Waste Management also provides a large share of the incoming feed.
We filled up three big Dumpsters, about 25,000 pounds of trash,'' said Mike Hammer, who works for Looney Bins in Sun Valley, which donated the containers used by the 30 community volunteers who helped clean out Tobi's house.