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ONE TO PLAY Looney Bin (Newcastle) THE Amanda Varley-trained dog has been in fine form in recent weeks and looked a shade unlucky when attempting to complete a hattrick yesterday.
The two collaborated on the first songs while Jes was still in the looney bin. On guitar is Darren, who dodged each and every one of his juvenile sentences then went three years stone sober to escape a 15-year-run as an adult.
And then Olivia manages to save her estranged dad Paul Kerr (played by Scot Craig Ferguson, who also writes and directs this movie) from dying of an overdose of rock and roll cliche by going to visit him in the looney bin just after he's driven his motorbike out of his first floor window.
The overworked cleaner of her sterilised London pad is probably twitching her way to the looney bin.
"You know Janie, f***g, looney bin Janie, goes out once in a bloody blue moon 'cos you never f***g want to go out with me."
8.13 (480m): Shawwood Scholar, Looney Bin, Griers Dream, Tag Along Ned, A Ken Joyce (W), Branton Flyer (W).
NEWCASTLE 6.28 (480m): Rapidvite Pam, Moss Casey, Looney Bin, Steel Champ, Katie Kite Flyer, Chrissie's Dream (W).
8.22 (480m): Looney Bin, Blackhouse Blue, Mistley Issue, Jethart Honey, Witton Marina, Centaur Forward (w).
8.10 (480m handicap): Calm And Cool (11), Jack's Casey (10), Looney Bin (6), Ultra Jerry Cool (3), Lil Joe (3), Rosderra Boy (Scr).
7.06 (480m): Cooladerry Wall, Olandea's Pearl, Looney Bin, Whitefield Ghost, Fireswild, Blue Lana (W).