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But it's also a political work, an extension of The Loony-Bin Trip that reinforces Millett's first argument against forced institutionalization, but focuses on the elderly, whom we are often eager to put away.
The new country will landlock you into its own missionary or liturgical position; then convert your wife, enslave your children, send you to a loony-bin or exile without end; a hostage to time and its mutilations.
The Loony-Bin Trip (1990) is an account of Millett's struggle with mental illness.
And he pretty much has to, given Natasha Lyonne's strangely fashioned perf as his love interest and fellow loony-bin escapee.
RIKER (Jonathan Frakes, above) fancies himself as a bit of a thespian, but when he joins the cast of Dr Crusher's latest play, he's a bit deflated to find himelf playing a resident of a loony-bin.