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Memories literally fall apart before our very eyes: locations crumble, people vanish without warning and time seems to loop back on itself.
SmartWORKS 2.10 supports Windows NT, 2000, 2000 Professional and XP, OEM coding, multi-processor support, hyper threading for high processing output, and framer loop back for T1/E1 terminate cards.
Soaring shipping rates actually loop back into the discussion about US interest rate fears.
(10) We suspect that this mucus could easily loop back over the surgically created bridge of tissue and est ablish a circular flow pattern.
End-of-side messages would be helpful in the CD format, as it is very easy for listeners to loop back to track one without realizing it.
Dubbed "Going the Distance: The Nationwide MS Bike Tour", the trip began April 3 in Rosslyn, Virginia, and with right turns in Tallahassee, San Diego, Seattle, and Hartford, it will loop back around to the nation's capital by August 28.
As with the click of the hypnotist's fingers, we awake from the trance only to loop back into the fearful lull of conscious remission.
Sixth-grade students enjoy finding "Loopy Numbers: Those that loop back to themselves when you double each digit, add the digits of the result, and repeat until you reach a closed loop." This activity is ongoing; whenever the students have extra time, they try a new number to add it to the Loopy Numbers display.