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As with the click of the hypnotist's fingers, we awake from the trance only to loop back into the fearful lull of conscious remission.
Sixth-grade students enjoy finding "Loopy Numbers: Those that loop back to themselves when you double each digit, add the digits of the result, and repeat until you reach a closed loop.
They found that many of the higher velocity fragments would loop back, and ultimately settle on the opposite half of the asteroid, closely matching the observed distribution of house-sized boulders.
If the Mondale-Dukakis mind was wired permanently through the institutions of government, then the Reagan mind ran a solipsistic loop back to self.
The device performs signal fan-out, loop back and protection switching, and can regenerate signals otherwise compromised by losses in the transmission medium.
B Extends Fast Ethernet Service Over Multiple E1 Lines C 1X E1 Interface And 4/8 X Fast Ethernet Ports D Frame E1 Operation E Supports Hdlc And Gfp Encapsulation F Fault Pass Through And E1 And Ethernet Loopback Detection Support G Rate Limiting And Egress Shaping Per Post H Broad Cast / Multicast / Unicast / Storm Control I Supports Up To 8K Mac Addresses, 4K Active Vlan S J Supports Double Tagging Q-In-Q K Port Loop Back Detection Automatically Shuts Down Port On Loop Back Detection L Power Supply And Temperature Monitoring M Local And Remote Management With Cli, Telnet, Web Based Management And Lite View Nms N Ac And Dc Ordering Options.