loose translation

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The loose Filipino equivalent of finesse might be pagkapino but the problem is that only a few entries away in the dictionary is the word pagkainis, with again a loose translation into English as 'disturbing.
Loose translation for the Trump crowd: Bring in people looking for a handout and Democrats will ruin the country.
That's the loose translation of what I asked myself repeatedly while driving for two days.
Its loose translation in English could go like this: 'The hunter has himself fallen into his own trap.
A loose translation of "America first" now means all others shall be ignored or denied or bombed out of existence, if necessary, to achieve our own power and profits, our own goals and good.
The cumulative effect was that of a historiographic exquisite corpse that used the women's biographies as springboards in its celebration of the generative possibilities of loose translation.
Show Me the Body has allusions to redress, too: it's a loose translation of habeas corpus, the legal recourse under which one can report unlawful imprisonment.
fr/nice/1720143-20151029-alpes-maritimes-police-interdit-deguisements-armes-halloween) told 20 Minutes , according to a loose translation.
The first shows Coles's range, from an eight-line, loose translation of a Goethe poem to a three-page digressive remembrance.
1340s-1397), described in the introduction to this volume as a "knight, diplomat, and poet," is perhaps best known to most English-speaking scholars as playing a minor or supporting role as a contemporary of Geoffrey Chaucer, who cites him by name in his Complaint of Venus, a work crafted by Chaucer via a loose translation of a sequence of five balades by Granson.
Since a 1962 book on the issue by Jalal al-e-Ahmad, such people have been described as "gharb-zadegi" in Persian or "Westoxified" in loose translation.
HSEH : Actually, judgment is not that open to interpretation, people misuse the idea of loose translation.