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Then level, screed and compact about 25mm of bedding sand with a final 10mm of loose material on the top.
In areas where there is quarrying activity, the official continued, the high water levels are sweeping loose material into the river, along with waste from factories and sewage from villages and towns along the river, which travels downstream, settling at the bottom of Lake Qaroun.
A square-ended shovel is best for carrying and spreading loose material such as compost, and scooping up debris from hard surfaces.
If efflorescence already has occurred, then it should be removed along with any other loose material.
When the bucket is raised back up the object stays in the bucket while the loose material falls through the tines, causing minimal disturbance to the ground.
A powerful aftershock has struck the city of Christchurch in New Zealand, sending residents rushing into the streets, cutting power supplies and bringing down loose material from already damaged buildings.
This compacting of the loose material reliably raises the feeding capacity by a factor of two--three whilst maintaining unchanged high product quality.
There's still a lot of hazards out there," he added, referring to loose material such as rocks and parts of trees.
The presence of loose material below the ground layer was ignored.
Because erosion is constantly sculpting the loose material left by the landslide and subsequent lahars, plants--especially perennials that require stable soil--have had a tough time gaining a foothold.
David Brassington, HSE construction inspector in the West Midlands, said: "Before closing the site for the holiday, contractors should carry out checks to ensure loose material is secure and scaffolding is properly supported.
Last week, contractors used explosives to blast away unstable rock high above the A470 to make it safe and accessible for diggers to clear away more loose material.