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Dokpesi also tendered a letter written to him by the American Embassy on March 16, revolting his visa as a result of the Minister's conference listing him among the looters of the national Treasury.
Though the incident was captured on social media, members of the public were reluctant to come forward to identify the looters despite the police having made an appeal to that effect.
'I can't just comprehend as to why the opposition takes offense when we (the government) say that we will hold looters accountable,' said Chaudhry, adding that the opposition can only stage walkouts from legislatures as it cannot respond to allegations of corruption.
The public is watching.The media has ever been a very important whistle-blower, assisting investigators with salient information and identities of looters that helped to expose corruption scandals all over.
The fragrance shelves at the store were half emptied by the looters, who struck just before 1am.
Irish police have charged nine people after looters raided a Lidl supermarket and smashed through the roof with a mechanical digger during a national red alert for freezing weather.
The suspected looters, all from Iligan City, apparently took advantage of the prevailing conflict by slipping into the war zone and blending with the evacuees in their escape, military spokesman Brig.
It showed looters battling against each other as they fought over electrical equipment stolen from the Jessops camera shop on Cherry Street.
( Authorities believe looters were to blame for damage done last week to Petersburg National Battlefield, just south of Richmond, Virginia.
His latest conviction follows a string of raids by looters in Carlisle and Yorkshire in the aftermath of the floods.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoy-lu made a controversial call on Sunday, telling young people supporting the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) that he wants them to persuade Gezi Park "looters" to join their ranks.