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If you are following you will hear that some of these looters were arrested, and for those who deny their loots, then instead of what happened before, this time around we will sell those stolen properties and the proceeds will be deposited in government treasury,''
A stand-off emerged as looters were met by armed police near an Academy Sports store near the Mall at Millenia, in Orlando.
He said looters took everything in his store, including non-food items like cash registers and refrigerators.
Other footage captured a hapless looter taking a tumble as he frantically tried to escape from New Street's looted Adidas store.
Looters smashed his windows and raided three other homes on their street.
Looters use dynamite at a fourth century church in search of treasures.
Bangui: Rebel leaders in the Central African Republic have been cracking down on looters roaming the streets of the capital following the latest coup in the notoriously unstable nation.
Police tried to control the situation using water cannon and barricades, but eventually resorted to dispelling tear gas in attempts to drive out the steady stream of looters.
In Long Island people have put up signs outside their homes warning looters will be shot.
The 19-year-old watched in horror as the looters burst into the shop just after he quietly left with his brother, who had come into town especially to meet him because of the trouble, at 5.
Coventry Police have launched an appeal to find the looters and are urging witnesses to get in touch.
Retired policeman Gordon McAskill described how looters in San Francisco 100 years ago were killed and hung from lampposts and said it should give our politicians "food for thought".