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LORD. In England, this is a title of honor. Fortunately in the U. S. no such titles are allowed.

References in classic literature ?
His lordship is engaged at present with Lord Caversham, madam.
I thank heaven poor Lord Radley died without knowing that I betrayed him.
Lord Illingworth has just offered to make me his secretary.
I am sure she would, Lady Hunstanton, if she knew Lord Illingworth had made me such an offer.
I should be sorry to have to quarrel with you, Lord Darlington.
Don't you WANT the world to take you seriously then, Lord Darlington?
The amiable and wealthy Lord offers a third loan; but the scrupulous Countess positively refuses to take it.
Wait for me here, while I make inquiries about my Lord.
At the name of Lord de Winter, who was known to be one of his Grace's most intimate friends, the officer of the post gave orders to let Felton pass, who, besides, wore the uniform of a naval officer.
This business, she rightly I think concluded, that she should by no means forward by mixing in the company while they were together; she therefore ordered her servants, that when my lord was going, they should tell him she desired to speak with him; and employed the intermediate time in meditating how best to accomplish a scheme, which she made no doubt but his lordship would very readily embrace the execution of.
It conducts to the famous petits appartements of Lord Steyne --one, sir, fitted up all in ivory and white satin, another in ebony and black velvet; there is a little banqueting-room taken from Sallust's house at Pompeii, and painted by Cosway--a little private kitchen, in which every saucepan was silver and all the spits were gold.
I heard my lord, sir,' said the man, sitting like a statue on his horse.