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MAYOR, officer. The chief or executive magistrate of a city who bears this title.
     2. It is generally his duty to cause the laws of the city to be enforced, and to superintend inferior officers, such as constables, watchmen and the like. But the power and authority which mayors possess being given to them by local regulations, vary in different places.

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of Coventry Councillor Michael Hammon and (left) Deputy Lord Mayor Lindsley Harvard
I will be running whenever I can - I will be the jogging Lord Mayor.
Speaking ahead of his trip, Lord Mayor Yarrow said: Qatar is rapidly progressing with a visionary economic reform plan.
He informed the Lord Mayor about the economic reforms initiated by the government of Pakistan due to which the economic indicators were improving and investors' confidence was growing in Pakistan's economy.
YOUNG and junior Lord Mayors will be officially sworn in at Liverpool Town Hall next week.
Current Lord Mayor Mike Leddy is among those who have held on to the hope of finding the precious gem.
The Special Assistant assured the Lord Mayor that efforts are underway for provision of better consular facilities to Pakistani community in Manchester.
However a small number of veterans expressed the wish to attend the war memorial on the 11th day to simply observe the two minutes' silence and the Lord Mayor readily agreed to support them.
The South Wales Echo reported at the time how the Lord Mayor had knelt on a royal blue leather footstool in the parlour and the sword which the Queen used had belonged to Captain Sir Harold George Campbell, the equerry-in-waiting.
It is tradition that the newlyelected Lord Mayor is appointed to the governing board of the Dublin Chamber of Commerce.
Gifford is the first Lord Mayor with a background in banking since the crisis of 2007.
The lord mayor chooses up to seven students depending on which countries he's going to be travelling to during his year in office," Billy King-Harman, senior programme manager to the lord mayor, said.