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Who was appointed Lord Protector of England after the execution of King Charles I?
The Lord Protector assumed power in Britain after deposing King Charles I in 1649 and immediately launched military action in Ireland.
Despite the existence of 160 biographies of Cromwell, as well as over 200 articles in the last forty years alone, Barry Coward maintains in the introduction that the Lord Protector remains an enigma, and calls for more studies of him, taking more account of the European context.
There are chapters devoted to Parliament, the army, various sectarian groups, the role of Cromwell as Lord Protector and of his 'major-generals' as provincial governors, the persecution of minorities and the work of royalists, the life of the new 'coffee houses' and the role of witches.
Woven throughout the letters are references, always oblique (though fully fleshed out in Parker's new fifty-four-page introduction to the work and the annotations to each letter), to the precarious financial and political circumstances of two royalist families, the Osbornes and the Temples, during the English Revolution, 1640-60, and Cromwell's rule as the Lord Protector of England, 1653-58.
He thought that his other runner, Lord Protector, had the better chance - booking the brilliant Mick Kinane for the unplaced four-year-old.
Ecclesiastical drew away to beat Lord Protector by two lengths with Gilded Dancer a length away in third.
The undertaker is a lord protector of his cadavers.
As a Welshman - at least 120 years' residence on my father's side and on my mother's side my family ties go back to the Lord Protector Oliver Cromwell and beyond - I am ashamed that we elected 11 Tory MPs.
Of Lord Protector, Hobbs added: "He appeared not to get home at Wetherby over two and a half miles last time but I think he will get that sort of trip when he runs on good ground in the spring.
Lord Protector got HIS act together in the jumping department at sandown a month ago and can defy a Significant aScent in the WEIGHTS at Wincanton.
Philip Hobbs' Lord Protector can win the Bathwick Tyres Poole Handicap Hurdle (2.