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In some respects, the book rehabilitates the Protectorate against recent detractors; in others, it subjects both the Protectorate and the Lord Protector to searching criticism.
PHILIP HOBBS has achieved one target for the season and edged closer to another by saddling a double with Woodford County in the 3m novice handicap chase and Lord Protector, who took the 2m1/2f handicap hurdle.
CHEPSTOW: 1.20 Ashford Wood, 1.55 Ballylifen, 2.30 Lord Protector, 3.05 Fago, 3.40 One In A Milan, 4.10 Brandon Thomas, 4.45 Rock On Rocky.
WINCANTON: 12.25 Tagrita, 12.55 Black Cow, 1.30 Deciding Moment, 2.05 Toby Lerone, 2.40 Lord Protector, 3.15 Mighty Mobb, 3.50 Benny The Swinger.
The jug, which marked Cromwell's status as Lord Protector after he overthrew Charles I, will be featured on the show tomorrow.
Who was appointed Lord Protector of England after the execution of King Charles I?
A letter written by the Lord Protector has just sold for pounds 84,000, five times more than expected.
Arbuthnot said: "I feared the worst for Lord Protector when the draw was made on Thursday, but I can't complain about the way things have turned out."
Runners from the far-side group dominated the finish for the fourth year running, with sixth-placed Norton the first horse home on the stands' side - one place ahead of the winner's shorter-priced stablecompanion Lord Protector.
Sharpe goes on to argue that the republic, in contrast, failed to find its own mode of representation; images of kingship remained culturally dominant even during the republic, and came to the political foreground with the installation of Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector, a king in all but name well before the actual restoration of monarchy in 1660.
In 1989 Roy Sherwood published The Court of Oliver Cromwell which demonstrated how much Oliver Cromwell as Lord Protector based his public and private life upon a simplified version of the royal court and household, especially from the time of his second installation under a revised constitution in the high summer of 1657.
On this day: 1653 - Oliver Cromwell becomes Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland.