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LORD. In England, this is a title of honor. Fortunately in the U. S. no such titles are allowed.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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| o book a room at Lords of the Manor visit www.lordsofthemanor.com or call 01451 820243.
When Jay, 30, discovered several lords of the manor had been married there he wanted to follow suit.
Not for the first time in Wales, the ancient rights associated with Lords of the Manor caused widespread anxiety across Anglesey earlier this year.
'A History of Caludon Castle - The Lords of the Manor of Caludon' is the first ever book published about the history of Caludon Castle, today a picturesque ruin in Caludon Park, Wyken.
Ryan Swift, who was born in Tamworth, has worked in some of the most creative kitchens in the country, including L'Enclume, Pennyhill Park, Lords of The Manor and Hambleton Hall.
They have a salary they could never earn in their previous jobs, they live in large private houses like lords of the manor, run expensive cars and they are the best-dressed people on TV.
Cameron wants us to pay up, shut up and tug our forelocks whilst the lords of the manor live in luxury.
Traditionally, the scramble you see above was caused by the lords of the manor and freeholders throwing raisins as prizes for the youngsters.
The hall, set in ancient woodlands at Warrington, was continuously occupied for seven centuries and once the seat of the powerful Boteler family, Lords of the Manor.
The Lords of the Manor at the time, the Cliffords, used materials from the demolition of the castle to build Caludon Farmhouse which was also demolished in 1966.