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Glausi and Loren first performed together in November 2016 for Broadway House Concerts.
Art Song, Loren says, is a corner of the singing world that's "sort of thought of as a dying thing.
Loren preferred her to hang out with his friends, or sit with him while he played video games, and Jolee found herself trying to please him.
Loren said: "After 30 minutes I could hear something flying above us.
Loren's mum Emma Collins owns Fabulous Extensions & Beauty in Cannock and Loren also helps out in the salon when needed.
Loren also recalls his father's use of many Minneapolis-Moline implements.
A firm believer and living proof that girls should train like guys to get that lean sculpted look, Loren has passed this on to me in the past few weeks to keep me on track with my programme.
Early on, Loren understood the connection between an artist and an audience, and he brought this perspective to his work with bands as dissimilar as the Doors and the Grateful Dead.
The phone rang just as I'd finished breastfeeding one son and was dealing with the noisy demands of the other," Loren said.
My grandmother was in poor health," explains Loren.
With the momentum of the game two win and the desire for another title under his belt, Loren was able to run a substantial amount of points in the tiebreaker before Anthony was able to answer back.
This isn't the first time that Loren has worked with her son.