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elections has widespread implications for American foreign policy, not in and by itself, but in the context of the unwinnable but definitely losable Iraq war, a war that has now lasted longer for America than their engagement in World War II, and which has turned out to be good for Iranian influence in the region.
Attach a key chain to losable objects like house keys and remote controls, and you'll both be back to watching Gilmore Girls in no time.
The good news for them is that two of the Scarlets' three remaining games are away, at Edinburgh and fellow title-chasers Cardiff - both eminently losable encounters - while the other looks a banker at Caerphilly's Virginia Park.
Connecticut (8-0) - Huskies don't have a losable game until Jan.
Stewart's main focus is on personal honour, which he describes as a particular kind of horizontal honour: it is a right to respect which is losable, and to retain which you have to obey a set of rules called the "code of honour.
To account for those women whose actions exceeded accepted behavior for the female sex, Clover argues that gender constituted an open system of "acquired traits [masculine and feminine]" (370) based "to an extraordinary extent on winnable and losable attributes" (379) accessible to both men and women.