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Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) [India], March 5 ( ANI ): The Buddhist Community of Itanagar celebrated the silver jubilee of the Losar Festival at the Nyokum Lapang Ground here.
I would guess that they followed this day as the losar before that event.
Given that our population is not more than 10,500, there is every chance that from Losar to Sumdo, one Spitian will know the other.
This event will be a curtain-raiser to the Losar festival celebrations which falls March this year.
Recently, there has been increased suppression during Losar activities and Monlam celebrations.
It is trying to use the methane gas emitted from the landfill at Losar village for generating electricity.
Wednesday was one of the most important days of the Losar festival, which is celebrated by the Tibetan community.
Craft brewing has been around in Montana since 1859--17 years before Custer's Last Stand, according to Steve Losar, who knows a lot of good stories about the history of beer in Montana.
For people who have known hunger and sacrifice, Losar is a holiday built around the comforts of food -- and a dietary paradox: Though most Tibetans are Buddhists, who would avoid taking a life, they are also great lovers of meat, and sha momos are the unofficial national dish.
We've seen projects where someone isn't in charge of the content and they are basically displaying TV all day," says Sam Losar, general manager of C-nario.
Later in the year the school is hoping to run a week long of assemblies to celebrate Tibetan New Year, also known as Losar, where staff will be serving Tibetan school dinners.
The Losar festival held in February/March marks the beginning of the lunar new year and this is the ideal time to sample the best of the local food, which chiefly consists of pork preparations and soups.