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Having a brewery meant you had a stable town, Losar says.
Wangdu said that in his family, momos are not eaten on the first day of Losar, because they look like purses for holding money -- and the mind is supposed to focus on purification and family rather than work and financial worries.
In many cases, they can use content they already have, including pictures of the campus and video clips," says C-nario's Losar.
The exiled Tibetan spiritual leader, who greeted thousands of Tibetans in the main Buddhist temple in the north Indian town of Dharamsala at the start of what would otherwise be a two-week Losar celebration, said the gesture was to honor those in Tibet.
The Tibetan calendar is a lunar calendar and Losar is celebrated on the first through to the third days of the first lunar month.
Not a single Western traveler was seen in Lhasa or near the monastery, but other tourists and worshippers were freely allowed to do their prostration at the entrance or enter the monastery to worship for the 15th day of Losar, the Tibetan New Year, which is a major day for worship.
Celebrations to mark the Tibetan New Year, or Losar, on February 22 were largely restricted to a monastery compound.
George W Snyder, project manager at AMRDEC, said the goal is to design a missile that is half the size of the Losar (line-of-sight antitank missile), scheduled to begin production in 2004.
Meanwhile a speeding car recklessly driven by unknown driver knocked down a minor girl at Losar Sharfoo stop on GT road in limits of Wah Saddar Police Station.
Today is the prayer for Losar, so it's the Tibetan New Year.
They said a proposed landfill site measuring 75 acres at Moza Losar would be utilized for setting up a modern plant to dispose of solid waste besides building a transfer station near Soan river.
Bali said that landslips damaged the road between Losar to Bhawanagar at various places which affected the bus services from 15th June to 17th June, 2013 in the area.