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Cable TV quoted a racer following Yau's car as saying it entered the bend at more than 200 kilometers per hour and a video clip shows the car losing grip at the corner and the driver's side banging onto the road barrier.
VAUXHALL is highlighting the danger of losing grip in bad weather on standard summer tyres.
On the last lap he managed to regain first place going down Crainer Curves, but then disaster struck as he high sided on the left hand Sheene Curve, his Kawasaki ZX6R losing grip at the rear and flipping him high into the air.
Maynard let the win slip away on the blast uphill on the third, losing grip and three marks.
If we were to alter the race we, along with other historical races, would start on the slippery slope towards losing grip of our National Hunt programme, which would be a one-way ticket to seeing its eventual demise.
It seems that the government is losing grip on both political and economic affairs.
Due to the weight there is a serious risk of bottoming out, the car losing grip and with it increasing the chance of a collision should there be a duel through the corner where speeds can hit 180mph.
But the problem today for Hamilton is he will start on the softer tyre that has been losing grip after a lap or two while the Red Bull racers are on the harder tyre.
Sensors detect if a wheel is losing grip and react in milliseconds to ensure optimum traction is maintained.
Talking of losing grip, King Justin was once again at his blinding best on the TV sofas as he puffed up JS's seasonal trading figures.
The ESP system kicks in if it senses that the car is losing grip in corners; independently braking wheels to prevent the car from sliding off the road.