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The traditional fear of losing face (shame) if a program does not succeed will make the task of program evaluation even more difficult.
The American administration must somehow extract itself from the Yugoslav crisis without losing face.
Ego, false pride, fear of losing face or other extraneous reasons should not be allowed to obscure realization of the fallacy of the present course and vision of more appropriate ways to ease or alleviate the regional problems.
But if Clinton wants to avoid the trap fallen into by previous presidents like Lyndon Johnson -- who, for fear of losing face, failed to pull out of Vietnam even when it became apparent that the United States was losing the war -- Clinton should take the courageous step of placing NATO enlargement on hold while an alternative is considered.
The MTA cannot accept a low price without losing face, and as a public agency would have to answer to charges that it may have given up too much for too little.
Where shame, losing face, and losing honor are central cultural values (the author mentions these), indirect strategies are necessary, at least in the early stages.
First, when the proposed acquisition was made public early on, managers seemed concerned about losing face if it fell through.
Drunken Bi l ly Williams thumped Paisley-born Charles Campbell because he feared losing face in front of his pals during a row in the street.
This is no recourse other than to wait until someone decides to take the extra step to really help a problem get resolved without losing face over it.
The simple fact is, no-one had the guts to stand by Behe for fear of losing face in the scientific community.
Because it was our idea and we can't work out how to dump it without losing face, hardly seems a reasonable answer, does it?
The Rt Rev Michael Whinney tosses his pancake' LOSING FACE.