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DEFLORATION. The act by which a woman is deprived of her virginity.
     2. When this is done unlawfully, and against her will, it bears the name of rape, (q.v.) when she consents, it is fornication. (q.v.)

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Although several researchers have examined how young people conceptualize virginity, they have often defined a loss of virginity in a way that assumes its equivalency with first sexual intercourse (e.
Lowe said her work over the last 12 years with sexually abused people made her realise the damage and emotional pain the myth of the broken hymen, meaning a loss of virginity, could cause.
The pope is essentially telling women that they must die rather than submit to sexual assault and is framing the central issue of sexual assault as a loss of virginity rather than as a crime of violence against women.
Without being programmatic, the stories show women in various situations and at various stages of life: adolescent adventure, loss of virginity, prostitution, abortion, lesbianism, and extramarital affairs.