Lot of ground

LOT OF GROUND. A small piece of land in a town or city usually employed for building, a yard, a garden or such other urban use. Lots are in-lots, or those within the boundary of the city or town, and out-lots, those which are out of such boundary, and which are used by some of the inhabitants of such town or city.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He said though the county had covered a lot of ground in eliminating illicit brew and second generation brews, more needs to be done.
Think tank the Resolution Foundation welcomed the news, but said that Britain had a lot of ground to make up on pay, with average annual earnings still almost PS800 a year lower than they were a decade ago.
He admitted that Teluk Intan was a tough seat to defend, but said he had been putting in a lot of ground work in the last few years.
From discussing financial best practices, serving customers on the move to meeting the new North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) board chairman, the next issue covers a lot of ground.
Made up a lot of ground to make a winning debut at Thirsk.
REACHING successive All-Ireland semi-finals a few years back was a rare feat for Limerick but they've lost a lot of ground since.
Tabuena couldn't find the rhythm that had him taking an eight-under card into the last two days and lost a lot of ground in the last stop of the PGA Tour's Hawaiian swing where Thomas posted the lowest 72-hole total in history.
The SEBI chief noted that while suggestions from SIT has come in this regard, the regulator has covered a lot of ground for the KYC mechanism in the last five years.
We cover a lot of ground, all the way from the negotiating table, to development in the lab, to manufacturing operations and drug delivery trends all the way to tracking and tracing products once they leave the warehouse and make their way to the shelf.
SLOW TRAIN THROUGH AFRICA WITH GRIFF RHYS JONES ITV, 9pm Griff Rhys Jones has covered a lot of ground in just six weeks - and now he's about to reach the end of the line as he travels through South Africa.
The menu covers a lot of ground, from oysters to wild boar pasta to charcuterie, foie gras and very French moules frites.
''We are nearing the finish line for 2014 and that is a lot of ground to make up.''