Lot of ground

LOT OF GROUND. A small piece of land in a town or city usually employed for building, a yard, a garden or such other urban use. Lots are in-lots, or those within the boundary of the city or town, and out-lots, those which are out of such boundary, and which are used by some of the inhabitants of such town or city.

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From discussing financial best practices, serving customers on the move to meeting the new North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) board chairman, the next issue covers a lot of ground.
Made up a lot of ground to make a winning debut at Thirsk.
REACHING successive All-Ireland semi-finals a few years back was a rare feat for Limerick but they've lost a lot of ground since.
Tabuena couldn't find the rhythm that had him taking an eight-under card into the last two days and lost a lot of ground in the last stop of the PGA Tour's Hawaiian swing where Thomas posted the lowest 72-hole total in history.
We cover a lot of ground, all the way from the negotiating table, to development in the lab, to manufacturing operations and drug delivery trends all the way to tracking and tracing products once they leave the warehouse and make their way to the shelf.
The menu covers a lot of ground, from oysters to wild boar pasta to charcuterie, foie gras and very French moules frites.
It's an interesting approach and Stein covers a lot of ground in the book's 128 pages.
I lost a lot of ground, it was a case of trying to get back into position and I lost a lot of energy.
EastEnders BBC1, every night There's a lot of ground to cover this week, so we'll give you the main points: Ronnie's back, Kat's not that 'appy, Jack slams a door in Ronnie's face, Shirley's off (for a while), Alfie makes Roxy choose between him or her sis, and oi Carl, woss goin' on?
There were many occasions when we hunted ducks and quail there and shot a lot of ground squirrels.
Mrs Champken, from Cardiff, added: "I think there's an awful lot of ground for them to make up and if I had anything to do with it I'd want children to go through the system an awful lot quicker.
Life is just like gardening, and during 2011 I did a lot of ground work and sowed an awful lot of seeds, some that I know will grow easily and some that I'm not too sure if they'll germinate or not but it's always worth having a go.