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When 70-year-old Gilbert Polaco told a Washington Mutual Bank teller he needed to withdraw $25,000 cash to buy a winning lottery ticket from an illegal immigrant, the bank teller, sensing trouble, alerted the Sheriff's Department.
If you can match as few as four numbers from either your Irish Lotto ticket or your UK Lottery ticket - excluding the bonus ball - with the numbers in either draw tonight you win the right to enter the draw with a prize of pounds 100.
Latin American gamblers will be rubbing their hands in glee with news that US mobile solutions developer VIA Cell is in talks with several Latin America countries, to install systems that would allow people to buy lottery tickets using mobile handsets.
Dickerson was given the lottery ticket on March 7 by a breakfast regular at the Waffle House, Edward Seward Jr.
To claim: If you match the numbers with either your Irish Lotto or UK Lottery tickets phone 01254 680666 (Republic 0044 1254 680666) on Monday between 10.
Ron Shakesheff, director of Rexam's European Print Division, said, "We are pleased that Scientific Games, a major international producer of instant lottery tickets, is proposing to acquire Opax to aid its further growth.
and domestic lottery cell phone applications using location-based services in order to identify the state from which a lottery ticket is purchased.
is an allegation that PIC-A-$TATE is a `reseller' of Texas Lottery tickets in violation of Texas state law.
It will make it a crime for one person to purchase a lottery ticket in another state for anyone.
The Iowa Lottery becomes the ninth lottery to utilize Interlott's reliable dispensing technology to increase instant lottery ticket sales.
The La Verne Circle K store also recorded all lottery ticket purchases on videotape as well.
We are confident that our superior dispensing technology will increase instant lottery ticket sales for the State.