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LOTTERY. A scheme for the distribution of prizes by chance.
     2. In most, if not all of the United States, lotteries not specially authorized by the legislatures of the respective states are prohibited, and the persons concerned in establishing them are subjected to a heavy penalty. This is the case in Alabama, Connecticut Delaware, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont and Virginia. In Louisiana, a license is granted to sell tickets in a lottery not authorized by the legislature of that state, on the payment of $5000, and the license extends only to one lottery. In many of the states, the lotteries authorized by other states, are absolutely prohibited Encycl. Amer. h.t.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Adul Saosongyang 35 year old Vacaville resident arrested for stealing a Lottery ticket worth $10 Million dollars from his roommate.
Announcing yesterday, President Maithripala Sirisena's decision to revoke a 2017 Budget proposal to increase the price of a lottery ticket from Rs.
Aggregate data on lottery sales and income, which are commonly at the zip-code or county level, are often used in regression analysis of an aggregate lottery-demand function to estimate an income elasticity of demand for lottery tickets. The income elasticity of demand for lottery tickets is the most common statistic in the policy debate on the efficacy of state lotteries as an appropriate means of state government finance, as it provides evidence on the distributional burden (by income) of lottery-ticket expenditures (i.e., lottery "regressivity").
New Hampshire isn't the first state to have a bacon-themed lottery ticket, or the first to have a scratch-and-sniff ticket.
It was a few years ago and, of course, I've spent a lot more than that on lottery tickets since then.
And last November a plea went out after a pounds 1.2 million lottery ticket wasn't claimed in the Coventry area.
Petriches said in her lawsuit that on July 15, while Jones was in the store cashing another lottery ticket, she "reached into a receptacle for discarded lottery tickets marked 'Do Not Take!' and took a handful of discarded lottery tickets."
At around 1.30pm, a man entered the shop and left after finding Lottery tickets and cash on the floor.
If no-one comes forward before the prize claim deadline, then the prize money, will go to the Good Causes pot - adding to the pounds 25bn already raised through sales of lottery tickets since its launch in 1994.
Summary: A group of friends in Michigan have hit the jackpot after winning nearly $129m with a lottery ticket bought at an adult bookstore.
It states that the maximum price of any lottery ticket would not be less than Rs 2 and the highest prize would be at least Rs 10,000.
They unveiled a $50 lottery ticket, the "priciest" in the nation, in a move designed to bring "people with higher disposable income into our customer base."