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CODE, NAPOLEON. The Code Civil of France, enacted into law during the reign of Napoleon, bore his name until the restoration of the Bourbons when it was deprived of that name, and it is now cited Code Civil.

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Louis-Napoleon returned to France following a revolution and later became French emperor.
The feeling that a pre-Debordian 'societe du spectacle' was not, in spite of the decisiveness of the coup d'etat of 2 December 1851, one that was altogether of Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte's choosing, gnaws away at recent generations of historians.
In December, Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte, nephew to the great defeated enemy of England, was elected first president of the Second Republic, gaining 74.
Here the book retraces in two lengthy chapters the history of the highly centralized (a characteristically Haussmannian quality) public transportation monopolies that were set up under Louis-Napoleon to meet the new needs of a capital the physical and social appearances of which were evolving out of all recognition: the new Parisian transport systems thus represented a partial response to the changes that were being brought about by, inter alia, the growth of the tourist industry, the development of the railways and the continued demographic growth of Paris.
The book is divided into seven sections containing more than 100 odes, popular songs, narrative poems, and anthems in which Hugo denounces injustice and tyranny and rails against Louis-Napoleon (Napoleon III) and the abuses of the Second Empire.
The Second Republic was proclaimed, but the leftists were totally defeated and Louis-Napoleon (1808-1873), the nephew of the Emperor Napoleon I, gained sudden popularity as a strong man on the right.
Between the coups d'etat of Napoleon Bonaparte and his nephew, Louis-Napoleon, Paris weathered extremes of political and economic fortune.
Or, Hugo avait pourtant indirectement soutenu, a travers le journal L'Evenement, la candidature de Louis-Napoleon Bonaparte a l'election presidentielle de 1848, (5) ce qui ne l'empecha pas de s'opposer a la tentative de revision de la constitution, qui aurait permis au President de la Republique de briguer un second mandat --et qui ne faisait que souligner la derive dictatoriale de Bonaparte.
1) Louis-Napoleon reported that his father, who had been undergoing repeated surgery for kidney stones, appeared close to death.