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Toms, 34, has won more than [pound]3million in the last two years but the quiet Louisianan is a virtual unknown outside his own country.
The Andrea Kaye Show is a smart and fast-paced conservative talk show spiced with Louisianan sass from its host.
Lindy Boggs, a plantation-born Louisianan who used her soft-spoken grace to fight for civil rights during nearly 18 years in Congress after succeeding her late husband in the House, died Saturday.
Growing up in the midst of the plants' pollution had a huge impact on TickeR, who learned from his mother, a native Louisianan, of the changes that took place when the petroleum refineries moved in.
Kendall's success in the Louisianan Open on Sunday was his first win in 384 starts in US/Nationwide Tour events.
Under covenant marriage, a Louisianan who wants out of wedded bonds will have to cool his or her heels through two years of separation - as opposed to 180 days under the state's no-fault law - or show a judge "definite cause." Definite cause will include adultery, a felony conviction leading to imprisonment, desertion for a year, or abuse of spouse or child.
The Celtics rookie grew up idolizing Faulk, a fellow native Louisianan who earned All-America honors in both high school and college.
And in 2003 the nofrills Louisianan cruised to a three-shot triumph.
It is not a surprise that as a young man Carter embraced the racial convictions and prejudices of white people of his class from the deep South; and it is not a wonder that in a New England college in the 1920s, provoked by students from a vastly different background, he spoke the feelings of a young Louisianan. Since his original attitudes are difficult to uncover, this early and sketchy evidence seems suspect.
Though he leads a band called The Zydeco Cha Chas, accordion player and singer Nathan Williams prefers a different Louisianan term to describe his music.
This is also the sort of course Bateman seems to produce the goods on andthe Louisianan has a firstclass record in New Orleans, where his pals cheer him on.
So often in the past the unfashionable Louisianan has been a source of excellent value because he is a proven winner (nine times), who is usually priced up artificially big due to his low profile.

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