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The Love Bird Damask Stationery Collection features the well-known damask pattern with a perfect twist for weddings.
Love Bird is the best-bred filly in the race, being a daughter of Pivotal and the top-class mare My Emma.
Joey is a pastel yellow fischer -known as a love bird -and native to the Ser-engeti national park, Tanzania.
My mate Sid told me why they were called love birds, but I considered this to be a physical impossibility and unrepeatable in a family newspaper.
And with the help of Marriott's certified wedding planners, love birds can sit back and watch such visions unfold as every little detail is taken care of.
Heart-warming and fun, this is an outstanding choice for any who love birds and animals, and who have read zoo stories with great affection.
The film, which screened in Tel Aviv last week, follows the life of Mahmoud, his return to Palestine after 26 years of absence, his love affair with Rita and the hand-written letters he had once written her declaring his love for the dancer, in addition to a number of pictures that brought the two love birds together.
Love birds Stacey and Connor Love birds Stacey and Connor Girls' night out.
Exotic breeds of cats and dogs and several species of birds including the Australian bajri, cockatiel, love birds, jabra, canary, Indian parrot, grey parrot, peacock and parakeet are available here.
Although bees and farmyard animals make up almost half of the stolen animals, there are reports of exotic alpacas, bearded dragon lizards, love birds, lobsters and royal pythons being stolen.
25 ( ANI ): A new wedding trend seems to be catching up with the love birds these days and that is to shock guests with a surprising wedding.