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TUC general secretary, John Monks, said: 'Britain has both a low productivity and a high level of poverty within regions, compared with its major European competitors.
The largest growth took place in small holders plantations, which was 67caret, from 1,771,000 hectare to 2,958,000 hectare, of which 435,000 hectare was under plantation development projects, while the rest was purely farmers self-help programs, cultivated in the traditional way which has low productivity.
THE West Midlands needs inspirational leaders to instill a more positive attitude to work and lifelong learning if the region is to escape from a reputation for high unemployment and low productivity, a report warned.
The TUC report says low aspirations, low skills, unemployment and low productivity all go hand-in-hand and that regional development agencies like Advantage West Midlands need extra funding to support workforce development, tackle unemployment and boost productivity.
Pottinger admitted that low productivity has contributed to the higher cost of some local farm products, but said locally-produced goods were of a better quality and taste than those coming in.
In October, the company announced its intention to close the Des Moines plant, citing high operating costs and low productivity.
Ethiopia s export sector is too small to contribute to structural transformation, unlike in East Asia, where booming exports can shift economic activity and workers away from low productivity agriculture into higher-productivity.
Under-investment and underparticipation in workforce development is the primary cause of our low productivity,' said the report.
It also causes a range of other problems in millions of people, such as impaired cognitive development in children, exhausting fatigue, maternal mortality and low productivity in the workplace.
The 2 chief risks to the economy are low productivity and rising house prices, but houses are not yet a bubble.
A play was presented which highlighted that low productivity and surge in prices of daily use items have increased the poverty in the country.

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