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Yet low productivity remains a drag on living standards.
The extent to which the government's supply-side reforms a aimed to strengthen innovation and create a better level playing field between chaebol and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a will improve Korea's relatively low productivity," he said.
We should not be hailing the creation of subsidised jobs when they are in fact, inefficient, very low productivity job-killers.
If we are to truly get to grips with tackling inequality and our deep-seated low productivity problems in the UK, then we need more businesses adopting the tried and trusted technologies of today, not just looking to tomorrow.
This, particularly compared with France and Germany, has proved successful at getting people into work in what may be thought of as low productivity activities, or where flexible markets particularly advantage the employer.
The McKinsey Global Institute has identified ten root causes for the low productivity in the construction industry.
Prolonged boredom in a job can lead very quickly to burnout, low productivity and a high turnover of staff for businesses, so it's extremely important that each and every employee in a company feels engaged in their day-to-day work.
Richard Johnston, Deputy of the Ulster University Economic Policy Centre, said: "Lower productivity is a mix of what we do in Northern Ireland and also how we do it [output within each sector compared to the rest of the world] but also more importantly that relatively low productivity is a key explanation of the relatively low level of income or gross value added per head in Northern Ireland.
There are many policies that help the least competitive companies with very low productivity to survive.
Ahead of Wednesday's Budget, the TUC says Tory spending cuts have led to lower growth, low productivity and a weak recovery in wages.
Similar to someone who has consumed too much alcohol, a lack of sleep can affect basic visual, emotional, and motor skills leading to low productivity in the workplace, an overreaction to emotional events, and a shifted perspective on making smart business decisions.
The social effects of low productivity per unit input come in a chain of reactions.

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